What is ink matching for screen printing?

Have you ever wondered how the Dallas Cowboys blue is always the same blue on all of their products and uniforms? Or what happens when one person says ‘red’, but there are actually countless different shades of red? How can printers ensure that they print the correct shade of a color? Easy, we do ink matching using the Pantone Color Matching System.

Matching ink as a concept is simply matching an ink color to the specifications of the customer. We come across this all the time when there are set colors in a logo or a sports team that need to be duplicated with ink in the print. It is very important that the ink color you are looking is the exact ink color that you receive in the design on your printed t-shirts. After all, as an example if the iconic red and gold of the McDonald’s logo was printed using a very different shade of red and gold, you can bet that people would notice.

The easiest way for customers to ensure that their ink color is correctly matched is for them to provide us with the PMS color number for the exact color that they want. This can be accomplished by looking at the PMS color chart and comparing it to your own color until you find a good match. If you don't have access to a PMS color chart and you do not know your ink colors PMS number that is not a problem. You can always ask the original art designer what PMS color it should be and if that also isn’t an option then we are happy to compare the colors for you and let you know what PMS color we would recommend.

We do not charge an extra fee for ink matching. In fact we actually encourage our customers to take advantage of this service. The reason is because with an exact PMS color it makes it easy for us to understand the exact ink color that you are looking for and we can then match that color to the shade with the resources provided to us by our ink suppliers. It is a great way of making sure that everyone is on the same page and that the order comes out as it is supposed to.

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