How is the rush fee for faster delivery determined?

We take a lot of different factors into consideration when we are determining the rush fee for faster delivery of an order. The factors that we typically look at include the normal transit time with ground shipping by UPS, the number of t-shirts being ordered, the availability of the product being ordered, the number of boxes being shipped, and much more.

We do everything we can to keep the prices as low as possible and to deliver on time. We don't treat rush deliveries as a profit center because we just want to get your order to you in the first place in the needed timeline. We understand there are many cases where you have to order at the last minute and need t-shirts as soon as possible. We want to be the company you immediately think of and call and order with for that need.

There are also many cases where your delivery falls within our standard turnaround time but there isn't a guarantee of the exact date being delivered. Please let us know so we can be aware of that date and we will also let you know if we can get it to you without a rush fee. More often than not we can. We always waive our rush fees altogether whenever possible.

It is best to never guess and risk a delivery day without letting us know when you actually need the order by. In the past we have had situations where our customers misunderstood our turnaround time and thought it was calendar days and not business days. Please feel free to contact us if you are concerned about a particular delivery date.

As always the best way to get custom printed t-shirts and other apparel by a specific in hands date is to order them as early as possible whenever that is an option. As we said above we realize that sometimes things come up and you have no choice but to place a last minute order. That is fine and we will definitely do everything we can to help you. However, it is of course easier all around if you place your order in plenty of time to receive it. In most cases placing your order early will save you money by allowing you to avoid rush fees and it will save us all the extra stress of worrying about an expedited timeline.

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