How fast can I get custom t-shirts when I order them online?

One of the main questions people have involves the shipping and production time for their orders. The industry standard for custom t-shirt delivery is typically about two to four weeks, and with online custom t-shirt ordering the usual time of delivery is roughly about two to three weeks.

However now it is possible to get custom made t-shirts delivered to your door for free in 7 to 10 business days guaranteed. This time frame starts whenever the artwork has been approved and the order is finalized. Of course we realize that some people have unexpected events occur, or simply forget to place their orders as early as necessary and are thus working with a shorter time line. If you are running low on time please let us know because we do have rushes available for an additional fee.

The amount of the rush fee will vary depending on when you need the shirts by and when you are able to get the order finalized. Of course the rush fee will be lower the sooner you are able to finalize the order compared to when you need them by. We will also do our best to get you the lowest possible rush fee for your order.

The absolute fastest we are able to get a rush order to you is typically about three business days after the order is placed. However, in rare instances we are able to get them done even more quickly so please give us a call so that we can evaluate whether or not that would be possible.

Without doing any rush delivery the standard turnaround time would be the 7 to 10 business days but we always do our best to complete orders as quickly as possible. That means that if we can get the order shipped out to you any faster without doing expedited shipping and production then we definitely will. Just remember, if you have a date that you are conscious about for delivery, it is best to make us aware of that date so that we can accommodate you as much as possible.

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