How does embroidery work?

Embroidery is the skill of decorating fabric or materials by means of needle and thread. In addition to the standard thread, on some occasions embroidery may also incorporate various other materials such as pearls, sequins, beads, or even rhinestones. For industrial embroidery the process most often involves the use of an automated machine. This machine utilizes thread and needles which are located on the head of the machine, and it is here at the head where the design is actually stitched onto the item.

Embroidery is great because it is so versatile. In fact a huge range of things are possible with embroidery. However, here at You Design It, we do not specialize in attaching other materials to the fabric. Thus that means that unfortunately we are not able to do beaded designs or rhinestones, etc. Instead our main focus is embroidering the stitching itself into the fabric to create a high quality, professional looking, very durable design.

Embroidery is most often done on items such as hats, polos, and other business wear and professional items. Although in addition to these, many people also enjoy getting embroidered designs on items such as backpacks, tote bags, brief bags, and an assortment of other products. Embroidery looks great on these items because it is a very professional looking customization process and tends to have a more formal appeal to people than many other customization techniques. That makes it great for professional and business settings and it is often seen on company shirts and other items.

One thing to keep in mind though is that embroidery is primarily used to produce fairly small logos and designs on a product. That means that it isn't cost effective to do a large design that would cover a big area. For designs that cover a large area something like screen printing might be more practical. Nevertheless, despite some restriction on size, there are many benefits to this stylish, high quality production method. Plus thanks to You Design It’s low six piece minimum order, embroider is something that even small groups of people can order and see for themselves.

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