How do you embroider on the bill of a hat?

Embroidery on the bill of the hat is done before the hat is cut and sewn into the final product. The reason for this is because it is almost impossible to hoop the bill of the hat with the embroidery machine because of it’s shape and rigidness. Also, the needle for embroidery would have a tough time hitting the cardboard or plastic that is used to structure the bill.

Since the only way to do the embroidery on the bill is before it is sewn into the final hat, and since the majority of hats are manufactured overseas that means that unfortunately it is almost impossible to get custom embroidered hats with bill embroidery done domestically. Another important thing to keep in mind is that typically hats done like this overseas prior to construction have minimums of several hundred pieces and also have very long lead times for production.

Thus, when you see hats like this available in retail stores they typically have been done overseas in this way. The minimum and long production time isn't usually as much of a problem for retail sellers as it would be for smaller groups of people who just want to design custom hats in a smaller quantity and faster time frame.

The good news though is that while the embroidery isn't really feasible on the bill of the hat, it can easily be be done on the front, back and sides of the hats giving you an option for up to four total locations. This allows for a great deal of customization and ensures that even without the bill design you can still get a great, high quality, unique looking custom designed hat. Remember though that for embroidery the number of locations impacts the cost, so doing all four locations would be more expensive that doing two or three and of course doing just one location is the most economic route to go. It all comes down to balancing what you would like to see in the final product with the available budget for the project.

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