How do I get custom tags into my t-shirts?

The process of getting custom tags in custom made t-shirts is a lengthy process. When looking to get custom tags in your shirts you must find a company that will be able to produce them, and then you must find a t-shirt company that manufactures shirts with tear away labels. Next you must find a printer who will print your custom shirts, and last of all you will have to find a company that is able to sew the labels into the shirts.

This lengthy process should be avoided when first starting up a custom clothing company. It is best to start off with well designed t-shirts to build up your brand and then work your way to custom t-shirt tags. This is because doing custom tags can add a good bit to the price of the t-shirt and also adds quite a lot to production time. Another unfortunate fact is that it simply creates a lot more opportunities for things to go wrong which can even further add to the cost or timeline.

Many people hoping to start their own business are disappointed when they find out about the extra hurdles involved with doing custom tags. However, the good news is that in most markets t-shirts with the regular manufacturer tag still seem to be a very viable product. This is especially true for newer or less established brands since the customers themselves are more likely to be buying the t-shirt due to the high quality and/or the cool design rather than because they like the brand itself.

Often times doing custom tags, since it tends to add to the cost, will also require that the t-shirts be sold at a higher price than t-shirts without custom tags. Again this is not generally desirable for newer, less established brands since price tends to make a big difference in sales, especially when customers aren't that familiar with the brand. With more established brands customers may be more willing to pay a little extra and are also more likely to appreciate the custom tags. Regardless, the best place to focus is usually on producing great designs that print well.

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