If I print one color on the front of a t-shirt and the same color on the back of a t-shirt, does this count as one or two colors printed with screen printing?

When dealing with screen printing, if one color is printed on the front of a t-shirt and the same color is printed on the back this is still considered a two color print. T-shirt printing colors are based on the amount of print colors per location. This scenario would be one color printed on two locations totaling two colors printed.

The way screen printers determine if something is a second or third location is whether or not the shirt has to run through the dryer and be put back on the printing platen for another run. Additional printed colors on these additional locations can make a big difference in pricing even if it is the same colors printed in another location. The actual ink color itself will not have an impact on the price. That means that for example doing black ink on the front and black ink on the back, would be priced exactly the same as doing black ink on the front and white ink on the back.

By the same token each sleeve would also add another location since it would be impossible to set up the machinery in such a way so as to print the sleeve print at the same time that the front, back, or other sleeve is being printed. Thus doing something white print on the front, back, left sleeve, and right sleeve, would be considered four locations and four total colors. The location of the colors does not matter and this would be priced the same way as if it had been four ink colors in one location only, or two ink colors in two locations, etc.

Knowing how the pricing works is very important for coming up with a strategy to keep the project within your budget. It also helps customers get the design they most want since some people falsely assume that it will be cheaper to do the same color in each location and so they may unnecessarily limit themselves to that when in fact they would prefer to do different colors in each location. As always if you have any additional questions regarding the number of ink colors in your design just give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help.

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