Can you embroider names and/or numbers on custom hats?

Yes, we can embroider personalized names and/or numbers on custom hats. This can be an expensive request though because of the added level of customization and the amount of time needed to do so. When considering that the average embroidery machine has six heads or more, that leaves at least five heads or more not being used during each run. This missed opportunity cost can cause the embroider to charge a premium for personalized embroidered names or numbers.

Most often we see this type of request from sports teams who wish to get the players’ last name and/or team number added to their hat. That is definitely a great touch and in many cases it can feel completely worth the added expense to do so. However it is important to be aware that it does cost more for this service. Naturally doing both custom names and numbers on the hats will cost more than if you only did names or only did numbers.

Sometimes it is worth looking into other alternatives as well. For example we very often do both team t-shirts and team hats for a sports team. In most cases the team also wants to get their names and number printed on their t-shirts. That is usually a more cost effective option and often it is not necessary to have the names and numbers custom added to both the hats and the t-shirts.

If you do decide to get the custom names and/or numbers on your hats then you should also be aware of your different configuration options. For example you could get them added to the front, the back, or even side. It is even possible to divide it up and do something like the name on the front and the number on the back, or visa versa. In the majority of cases, however, what we typically see is the team name on the front of the hat and then the player name and number on the back of the hat. Ultimately of course it all just comes down to your own personal preference.

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