Do you do embroidery on t-shirts?

We can do embroidery on t-shirts but we typically do not. Instead more often we do screen printing on t-shirt orders for six or more pieces and digital printing on t-shirt orders of five or fewer pieces. However, with that said we do know that there are quite a few different events that may call for t-shirts that need a classier decoration such as embroidery and we will be glad to oblige in these instances. There are a couple of reasons why this may be uncommon though, and those same reasons are the limitations of embroidery on t-shirts.

There are just a few spots on a t-shirt that make good embroidery locations because the pricing of embroidery is based on the size of the design. Since a large design can be an extremely exorbitant price, we generally just embroider on the left chest, one of the sleeves, or the tag area on the back of the shirt. Those locations makes sense for a smaller design and thus a smaller price. If you want to get some combination of these, such as left chest, right sleeve, and upper back, that is certainly an option as well, but again the more locations embroidered in the higher the cost per shirt.

The general rule for embroidery pricing is that one square inch equals roughly about 2000 stitches. Embroidery pricing starts get pretty high when you reach about 7000 stitches and above. Thus it makes sense to try to minimize the size and number of locations being embroidered.

The other thing to consider when requesting embroidery on t-shirts is the thin layer of fabric that makes up t-shirts. The reason that this might be an issue is because for successful embroider there needs to be a backing underneath the shirt that the embroidery uses as a kind of foundation. For thicker shirts like polos or button down shirts, or items like hats, this is no problem because the back is more or less invisible when viewed from the front. However, this backing can sometimes be viewed from the front of the t-shirts because of the thinner layer of fabric. The backing is an integral part of the embroidery process and must be there for the stitching to stay on the t-shirts.

All in all, we do embroider on t-shirts. It is just important that you are aware of the potential pitfalls of doing so. We believe that an educated customer is the best kind.

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