Can you embroider onto the pocket of t-shirts?

Unfortunately we are not able to embroider on the pocket of a t-shirt. While we typically don't embroider on t-shirts to begin with - because the standard customization technique that we would use would either be screen printing or digital printing instead - we certainly can't embroider on a t-shirt with a pocket on it since that would sew the pocket shut. The reason for this is that embroidery requires a hoop to be placed behind the embroidery area location to tighten up the fabric and allow the needle to penetrate the fabric. The thread attaches to the backing behind the fabric to keep the stitching intact on top of the fabric. A hoop is larger than the pocket itself and would cause the needle to go through the top of the pocket all the way to the inside of the shirt, thus sewing the pocket shut.

The only feasible way to embroider on the pocket would probably be to pull the pocket off of the shirt and embroider on it while it is unattached to the shirt. Then the pocket would have to be sewn back onto the t-shirt. This is a lot of labor and cost for a small added benefit. Not to mention it would be very difficult and a lot of shirts would be ruined trying to pull the pocket off without tearing the t-shirt.

Long story short, we just don't embroider onto the pocket of t-shirts. Until the process changes or the technology advances to such a point that this no longer becomes an issue, this will be our stance for embroidery onto the pocket of t-shirts. However, if you do want to order a pocket tee and get embroidery on the pocket tee, that can still be done in general, just not on the pocket itself. You might consider doing your design on the right side of the shirt, across from the pocket, rather than on the left side on top of the pocket. Alternatively a simple solution would be to simply get your design done above or below the pocket instead.

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