Does You Design It sponsor t-shirts for fundraising events?

Yes, You Design It does sponsor t-shirts for fund-raising events, but probably not in the way you would first guess. We sponsor t-shirts for the charitable events that our employees are aligned with. That means we provide them with printed t-shirts for their events that they attend with family and friends. We do this because they work hard and we want to give them something in return as a perk that does not benefit us in any way. We do not advertise our logo on these t-shirts.

If you were wondering if we sponsor t-shirt for fund-raising events for our customers, unfortunately we are not able to do that. We get that request daily and if we accepted each request we would no longer be in business. We do feel it is an honor that people will come and ask us, but it just isn't something that we can financially withstand. However, we are sympathetic towards almost all charitable causes and do have special offers for those cases.

We like to offer one of the following - free artwork, faster turnaround, or a discount on the order. We don't ask for anything in return because we want you to know that we are giving because we want to, not because we are receiving something in return. The free artwork option really comes in handy when you have a lot of sponsors for the back of a t-shirt and it has to be converted to a single color for a lower price. The faster turnaround can come in handy if getting the order together and finalized came later than originally expected and you are now facing a rapidly approaching deadline. Finally, if you have the artwork, and do not need a rush on the order, we will give you the highest possible discount that we have available at that time. These are just some of the ways that we want to do whatever we can to help out with your charitable event. Please know that we also wish you the absolute best of luck with the event and that we are very proud to be your t-shirt screen printers.

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