Does You Design It ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

Yes, You Design It does deliver to both Alaska and Hawaii. Both the shipping times and cost can vary due to the differences with the shipping carriers to those locations. Depending on the price, availability, and the needed in hands date, we determine which shipping carrier will be best for the job. These carriers can include UPS, FedEx, or the United States Postal Service.

Some of these carriers have standard and expedited delivery options which are not available to certain locations in Alaska or Hawaii. This is of course something that we have no control over and we are completely at the mercy of their delivery dates. In scenarios like this we will discuss the circumstances with the customer and make sure everyone has an understanding about when the expected delivery date may be.

In the past, we have had a very successful track record shipping to both Alaska and Hawaii. Once an order is shipped we send out a tracking number for the carrier chosen as a confirmation for when the order is on its way. We do everything we can to ship out the order even more quickly than usual when it is going to one of these locations as an attempt to help alleviate some of the extended transit time that is to be expected.

If you have questions or concerns about shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, please feel free to give us a call and talk about it. We will be glad to look at the potential order and delivery location to determine which carrier will be best for the job. Since the delivery time is usually longer on orders that are shipping to Alaska and Hawaii we urge customers to order as far in advance of when they will need the order as possible. We can attempt to do rush deliveries as needed to these locations; however, the expedited shipping charges that the various carriers charge for rush delivery are usually much higher to Alaska and Hawaii than they are to the forty-eight contiguous states. For this reason ordering early and allowing plenty of time for arrival is more important than ever if it is at all possible.

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