Does You Design It ship internationally?

You Design It does not currently ship internationally. There are a couple of reasons for this with the most important being an issue of affordability. We pride ourselves for our low prices and fast turnaround time. Unfortunately, both of these core competencies get compromised when we attempt shipping internationally because this type of shipping is beyond what our systems are set up for.

We feel like it makes more sense for customers who are not living in the United States to find an apparel printer who is located in their own country. We certainly aren’t saying this because we do not want the business and don’t want to help out our international visitors; instead our reasoning is that these potential customers would be much better served by a local printer who could manufacture and deliver their order much more quickly and at a lower price. In addition this avoid the obstacles of doing international currency conversions and other difficult logistics relating to international commerce.

Another major concern that we have with regards to shipping internationally is how to handle returns on mistakes. If you receive a shirt with a crooked print or the wrong design, we definitely want to fix it for you. However, we can only do that when we receive the defective t-shirt in return. This would of course involve shipping the item back to us. However, unfortunately in incidents involving international orders that would mean dealing with the difficulty and expense of international shipping a second time.

We also have concerns about reduced efficacy in terms of communication. Communication is a huge part of the process and it is vital that both us and our customers be on the same page during the production of an order. Unfortunately with international orders there is a high potential for a breakdown in communication either due to a language barrier, or simply because each party lives in different time zones and have trouble communicating at the same time.

Due to all of the above reasons we are unable to accept international orders at this time. We definitely wish all of the visitors to our site the best though and we hope that our international guests are able to find other services available in their locations. We thank you for your understanding and consideration in this matter.

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