Does You Design It sell blank t-shirts and hats?

You Design It does not sell blank t-shirts, hats, apparel, or other accessories. There are a couple of reasons for this with the main one being the lack of quality control. It is not uncommon for all vendors to send out t-shirts and other items with minor defects such as stains, holes, or loose threads. Unfortunately errors like this are common with just about every vendor and occasionally bad items get through. In our regular orders for custom printed t-shirts and other items this does not present a major problem because we notice the defect while we are working on the order, return them to our vendor, and get a replacement. Unfortunately however, there isn't enough money in byproducts to have them shipped from a wholesaler to us for review and then shipped out to you. This means we would have to ship direct from the vendor and would not be able to ensure that only the highest quality products are getting to you. We would have no way of knowing if you were receiving a defective item or not.

Another major reason why we don't sell blank t-shirts and apparel is because we are not set up to handle that. This means that our prices for these items would be much higher than would the prices of companies that specialize in selling blank t-shirts and other blank goods. We do not focus on selling blanks so unfortunately we cannot offer the best deals on these items.

Also, it is a widely unknown fact that many of the brands we carry make us sign agreements stating that we will not sell their products without some form of printing or embroidery on them. They don't want to step on the toes of their retail customers, and for very good reason since these are two separate sides of the industry. Some of these brands include but are not limited to American Apparel and Ping. There are specific retail outlets for their blank goods and they do not want other companies selling them blank. However, since it is a different service they are fine with us selling them with custom printing or embroidery on them.

Our focus is solely based on custom printed t-shirts and apparel. That is where we really excel. We print hundreds of t-shirts daily and our enterprise is always trying to find ways to lower our prices and improve our systems. So please look us up the next time you need a custom printed or embroidered item; however, unfortunately if you are looking for a blank item we are not the company you need.

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