Does uploaded artwork cost more for screen printing on embroidery?

Many customers assume that if they upload their own artwork for screen printing or embroidery that it might cost more; however at You Design It that is not the case. We welcome your outside artwork and are excited to get involved with designs that you have created for either print or embroidery. We try to make the process as easy and seamless as possible by converting the artwork and creating a proof for your approval before we go into production.

We accept just about any and all file formats and we don't mind making edits or additions to the design for you to get it just the way you want it. The only thing we try to avoid as much as possible are copyrighted designs that we don't have express consent to print. This can include but is not limited to all Pro sports teams and any other licensed merchandise that we are aware of. If you have been notified by another t-shirt printer that the design infringes on copyrights or licensed rights, then please do not request a print from us as well. We respect artists and graphic designers and the work that they do and don't want to take anything away from the potential revenue that they have worked hard to earn.

Similarly you will be glad to know that your artwork is safe with us and won't be redistributed or printed for anyone other than yourself. We respect your hard work and would not think of allowing anyone else to piggyback on your success. Because after all, your success is our success too.

Once we receive your uploaded artwork we will respond with a price quote. If you decide to place the order with us you can give us a call and provide us with all the necessary information to place an order. Once we had the order placed we get started procuring the products and preparing the artwork proof for your approval. We do not print or embroider anything without your approval. Once we have everything approved we’ll go into production and get your products shipped out.

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