Does the amount of colors matter when you are getting embroidered items?

No, the amount of colors does not matter when you are getting embroidered items. This is because embroidery is priced on the number of stitches and locations, not the number of colors. When considering this method of customization the thickness and size of a design determine the price. This is because stitch count is so important and of course the size and thickness of the design are directly related to the thread count that will be required to embroider the design.

This is in direct contrast with screen printing in which the size of the print is completely irrelevant for the pricing, but in which the number of print colors has a huge impact on the price. In some instances these two varying pricing criteria can be one of the best reasons to switch between the two different print methods when both options are possible.

That means that if you are interested in getting a small design printed, such a left chest style design, with a lot of colors in it then embroidery is a very good option. Embroidery is also a very high quality, professional looking way to customize your clothes. Typically embroidery is done on such items as polo shirts, button down shirts, hats, backpacks, and many more.

Another thing to keep in mind is that while the number of colors in embroidery doesn't matter and will not impact the price we do still need to embroider in solid spot colors. What that means is that we cannot embroider a design that has a color gradient or blending effect in it. In other words we cannot have the logo blend from a light blue to a dark blue or any other color. It would have to be single shades of colors with no blending. That is of course because the threads themselves are solid colors and there would be no way to get that color gradient effect.

Embroidery is super effective and long lasting, and its technology only continues to improve. If you are looking for a sharp, high quality looking design that is both stylish and durable, then embroidery is a great choice. We even have a low six piece minimum to make it a more realistic option, even for small groups of people.

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