Does the size of the design being embroidered effect the price?

Yes, the size of the design being embroidered does affect the price. The larger the design, the higher the stitch count.The higher the stitch count, the higher the price of the embroidery. The reason for this is that the stitch count in embroidery determines the overall length of time it takes to complete the embroidered design.The longer it takes to complete an embroidery design, the more time a machine is tied up from doing other designs as well as the more labor and materials involved. This all has to be taken into account when pricing out an embroidery design.

To give you an idea of how to figure out the stitch count of an embroidery design, one square inch typically equals about 2000 stitches. However, that is just a rough guideline and it could easily vary depending on the other factors involved. For this reason the best way to get a price quote is to upload your design to us, or to use our online design studio to price the design that you have created. The good news is that our pricing is all inclusive and there won’t be any extra fees or other charges added to your total. In fact you will even get free shipping.

One final cost that is important to keep in mind when you are doing an embroidery order is the price of the digitizing. Digitizing refers to the process of creating the digital commands that the computer uses to give instructions to the embroidery machine. Generally the more detailed and complicated the design the higher the cost of digitizing. Again though, there is no extra charge for digitizing since our pricing is all inclusive.

What this all boils down to is that it is important to take your embroidery size into consideration and to bear in mind that the size of the final design is limited to a fairly small area on the item. For instance the typical size for a design with left chest embroidery is roughly about 4" wide. The same goes for a design that is being embroidered on a hat; they are typically about 3"-4" wide as well. This is certainly big enough for most standard designs, but of course there would not be room to put quite a bit of text or other designs in such a small area without having them appear to be jumbled or cramped.

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