Does printing on performance fabrics such as wicking t-shirts last as long as regular t-shirts?

We often receive this question from customers because they are worried that since the fabric is designed to prevent the absorption of water that it might also in some way prevent the ink from being absorbed as well. However, the good news is that this is not the case. Printing on wicking t-shirts with plastisol inks does last as long and is just as durable as it is on regular t-shirts. It goes through the same screen printing process and is run through the dryer at the same temperature. The high temperature cures the ink and bonds it to the fabric as it dries. Once this is done, there is almost no way of getting the ink off the t-shirts which means that the ink is just as permanent on a wicking tee as it would be on a regular tee.

The printing on T-shirts that have been screen printed with plastisol inks is such a high quality that it is almost impossible for the ink to peel off of the shirts. The type of peeling which people may be imagining and fearing is more commonly seen with t-shirts that have been printed using heat transfers and heat sealed designs. Heat transfers give screen printing a bad name because a big misconception that is very prevalent is that these two processes are the same; however, that is just not the case. Screen printing is much higher quality, longer lasting, and more flexible through wear and tear.

We do recommend doing screen printing on the wicking tees. Other services that we offer are digital printing and embroidery, but these would not be nearly as suitable for wicking tees. The inks used for digital printing are not as high quality nor as permanent as the ones used for screen printing and they would not bind to the shirts as well. Embroidery might yield a great looking design; however, because of the backing that is needed for embroidery most wearers would probably find embroidery uncomfortable on a wicking style t-shirt. Typically this style of t-shirt is worn by athletes who are either training or competing and they would probably find that an embroidered design on the t-shirt would irritate their skin in this context.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a great looking custom designed wicking tee then you should absolutely go with screen printing as your method of choice. It yields high quality, permanent results and it is the industry standard. Here at You Design It we are proud to offer several different wicking tees which are available for custom screen printing.

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