Does oversize printing effect the cost of screen printing?

These days it seems like oversize prints are more popular than ever. That is very understandable because they can produce some truly incredible designs. This is also a trend being seen in the retail section of the apparel world, so we knew it was only a matter of time until our customers also began looking for oversize prints for designs that they create themselves. One of the most common early questions that we get from customers who are looking for this type of design is whether or not doing an oversize print will raise their cost. We will definitely get to that, but first let’s explain what oversize printing is and why it can present some hurdles for the screen printers.

Oversize printing is described as a print that is larger than a standard screen is able to print. This is typically measured as being larger than 13" wide and 15" tall. When the size of the print is bigger than these dimensions it requires special oversized screens, oversized platens and in some cases even oversized squeegees. It can also require a bigger printer for printing film and larger rolls of film. These extra pieces of equipment can cost quite a bit extra. In fact many screen printers simply do not have these pieces of equipment at all and are thus not able to do an oversize print, regardless of what the customer is willing and able to pay.

Some printers, who do have this equipment, will indeed charge more for these prints because of all of the special equipment and the need for more materials. The set-up can also take more time because of the different equipment being used from the normal screen print. However, the good news is that at You Design It we do not charge extra for oversize prints and are happy to be able to offer this option as a service to our customers. Remember though that we are still not able to do an all over print, or a print that crosses the seams of the shirt. However, we can absolutely do a plus size design that exceeds regular dimensions.

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