Does metallic ink last as long as regular ink for screen printing?

One of the first things that we are typically asked after a customer inquires about whether or not metallic ink is an option that we offer, is whether or not it lasts as long as regular inks do. That is good, because even if we do not hear that question from our customer we always make it a point to discuss the answer anyway. That is because no, unfortunately metallic ink does not last as long as regular screen printing ink. Actually the manufacturers of the metallic inks make the screen printing companies sign a waiver that states that metallic ink does not last long when washed.

However, even with that limitation metallic ink is still used by many t-shirt companies regardless of its short lived characteristics. That is because customers want their shirts to look as eye catching and unique as possible and often they are willing to sacrifice the longevity of the print to accomplish that. Here at You Design It, we are happy to do your design with metallic ink but we also try to make sure that you are informed about the short-lived nature of this type of ink.

Metallic ink works best in designs in which people really want the design to catch eyes, shine, and generally make the strongest impact possible, especially at first. If they are primarily being used to make an impression at a particular one time event or occasion then they can be ideal! On the other hand, doing metallic ink on something like a shirt meant to be used a uniform that would be worn and washed over and over for many years would probably be a poor choice since the design would lose a lot of its quality right away.

Understanding the differences between metallic ink and regular ink can make a big difference in terms of customer choice and satisfaction. Of course another aspect to keep in mind is the design itself. While metallic ink may be fine for almost any design, it definitely works better and looks more eye-catching in some designs than in others. All in all metallic ink absolutely has its place in the screen printing industry but it is vital to go into the situation with all the facts in mind.

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