Does it cost more to choose different color shirts but still use the same color print when screen printing?

Nope, it sure doesn't! In fact, you are welcome to get a variety of different shirt colors at no additional cost as long as the design itself remains the same on all shirts. That means that as long as you leave the design exactly the same way in exactly the same print color you can get an assortment of shirt colors.

However, if you alter the ink color(s) in the design then there may be a small ink change fee, but it will depend on the circumstances of the order. The good news though is that while there may be an additional cost for the new ink color, you will still be able to be priced on the total quantity of the order, even if you do change the ink color, as long as the design itself doesn't change. For example resizing the design, adding something to it, removing something from it, or changing it completely would cause it to be priced like a completely new order.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the shirt style and brand also impact the price. So as an example, you're definitely welcome to do something like 10 black regular short sleeve shirts, 5 red long sleeve shirts, 15 navy blue pocket tees, and 7 chocolate brown ladies' t-shirts, all with the same design printed in the same ink colors, and there won't be any fees for doing the different shirt colors and brands; however, the shirts themselves will be priced differently because of course each shirt is priced differently. On the other hand, if you got the same shirt brand and just ordered something like 5 navy blue, 7 red, 4 black, 3 chocolate brown, etc, then you won't see any price difference at all since they're all the same brand shirt.

With all that said, the simplest and most straightforward answer is simply: yes, you're welcome to get a variety of different shirt colors at no additional cost as long as the design and ink color are the same on all the shirts.

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