Does embroidery need to be color separated?

Color separation is a phrase commonly used in reference to screen printing and many customers who have heard this phrase may assume that they also need to have their artwork color separated for embroidery. Actually we don't require that the artwork be color separated for screen printing. We are happy to do this step for you at no additional cost. However, when it comes to embroidery this isn't necessary at all since color separation is not a part of the setup and preparation process. You can simply send us your artwork for embroidery as is; however, of course the higher the file quality the better, and vector files are preferred.

Color separation is used for screen printing because each color will correspond to a different ink color being printed on the shirt. Since embroidery doesn't use screens at all this is not an aspect of the process. Instead the main preparation for embroidery artwork is called digitizing. Digitizing is basically the process of turning the design into a file format which will give the embroidery machine the instructions it needs to embroider the design on the shirt, hat, or other product.

Unlike screen printing, with embroidery the number of colors in the design does not affect the price. Instead, the pricing for embroidery is determined by stitch count. The stitch count in turn is affected by the size of the design as well as its thickness. Thus, the more stitches used to embroider the design the higher the price will be. However, with that said, for embroidery the designs generally need to be eight colors or fewer.

Embroidery is a very high quality, durable customization process that looks really sharp on business wear, hats, and other accessories. It is popular in a range of different settings and as the technology and quality continue to improve it is only getting better and more popular. Embroidery is a great way to round out your uniforms for your business or simply a fun option for a group of people wanting to get a custom design. Plus with a low six piece minimum it has never been easier to do your own order for custom embroidered items.

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