Do tank tops cost less than regular t-shirts?

Many people mistakenly assume that a tank top will cost less than a regular t-shirt. In fact this belief is very pervasive and most people are quite surprised to discover that this is not the case. The reasoning goes that since tank tops utilize less fabric than regular t-shirts that they must in turn cost less. That is certainly logical; however, it is also incorrect.

The unit cost per tank top is actually higher than it would be for a regular t-shirt. This is because the manufacturers such as Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, and other, tend to produce far fewer tank tops at one time in their overseas factories than they do regular t-shirt. The reason fewer tank tops are manufactured at one time is that there is less of a demand for tank tops than for regular t-shirts. Thus the supply is smaller. So while it takes more fabric to produce a regular t-shirt, they still cost less to manufacture than tank tops because of the overall volume. The more units that can be produced at one time the more cost effective they become.

Related to this same phenomenon is the fact that there are fewer color choices available for tank tops than for regular t-shirts. Again this has to do with demand. Since many fewer people overall decide to order tank tops than regular t-shirts the manufacturers do not offer as many color choices for tank tops. Typically only the most popular colors such as black, white, red, navy, royal, sport grey, etc. are offered in tank tops. By contrast regular t-shirts routinely have twenty or more color options available.

We definitely aren’t telling you this information to dissuade you from ordering tank tops, however. Tank tops are a great choice because they offer greater breathability and many people find them more comfortable. This makes them a great choice for working out at the gym, playing in an athletic game, or simply lounging around the house. Many people also enjoy the overall style and look of a tank top. Here at You Design It we are proud to offer tank tops as one of our shirt options. Screen printing is the preferred method of customization for tank tops.

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