Do sleeveless t-shirts cost less than regular t-shirts?

It is a common misconception that sleeveless t-shirts cost less than regular t-shirts. The belief probably derives from the reasoning that since there is less overall fabric being used the cost of materials must be lower. However unfortunately this is not correct. Despite the fact that there is less fabric being used sleeveless t-shirts actually cost more than regular t-shirts.

The reason for this actually has more to do with the volume of manufacturing than it does with the amount of materials. There is a much bigger demand for regular t-shirts than there is for sleeveless t-shirts therefore the various companies that make the shirts like Hanes, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, etc. end up manufacturing many more regular t-shirts at one time than they do sleeveless t-shirts. The more shirts that are produced at one time the more cost effective and efficiently they can be produced and thus the lower the cost.

Sleeveless t-shirts are considered a specialty tee and are produced in much smaller quantities with fewer color options by the manufacturers. In fact typically they will only offer the most common shirt colors such as white, black, red, navy blue, royal blue, and sport grey. This is in sharp contrast with regular t-shirts which routinely have anywhere from twenty to forty different color options in each style.

However, despite the slightly increased cost of sleeveless tees, and the more limited color selection, they still make great items for custom screen printing. These shirts are ideal for working out or other athletic pursuits. They are also just all around comfortable and functional. We routinely see people ordering them for their gyms or sports teams because the removal of the sleeves enables greater range of motion and helps keep the wearer cool and comfortable.

The preferred customization process on sleeveless tees is the screen printing process. With screen printing any ink color can be printed on any shirt color. It is also a very high quality, durable printing technique that yields great results. Remember that with screen printing the fewer ink colors printed the lower the cost per shirt. Ordering more shirts per order will also lower your unit cost.

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