Do plus size t-shirts cost more than regular size t-shirts?

If you are comparing the sizes of the same shirt brand and style then yes, the plus size shirt will cost more. A plus size shirt is considered to be a shirt which is a double extra large or higher. A regular size shirt is considered anything from a small up to an extra large. An extra large is considered a regular size shirt, not a plus size.

There are several reasons that a plus size shirt is more expensive than a regular size shirt. The main reason of course is simply that it uses more fabric; however, another reason is that since these sizes are a little bit less common than the standard sizes they aren't manufactured in as large a number of shirts at one time.

The availability of a plus size shirt will vary a lot depending on the type of shirt and even the color. Some shirt styles and brands go up higher in sizes than others. For example some brands may go all the way up to a size 6XL whereas other shirts won't carry any plus sizes at all. The most common highest size carried is the 3XL, but if you need a larger size just let us know and we can check into other options for you. The shirt color is a factor on availability since very often the most common shirt colors are available in higher sizes than the less common shirt colors, even within the same brand and style shirt.

Since all of our prices are all inclusive that means that ordering plus sizes will raise your price average slightly. Since it is a price average the amount it raises the price will depend on your final size breakdown. For example if you have a large quantity of shirts in the order and only a small handful are plus sizes you won't see nearly as large a price increase as you would if half the shirts in the order are plus sizes.

When it comes to screen printing or embroidering plus size shirts it does not cost more. We use the same size screen or design for the plus size shirts as we do on the small through extra large. That means that the only price increase comes directly from the cost of the shirt itself, not from an increased production cost. With that said the design or logo being printed on the shirts will be the same size on all the shirt sizes, including plus sizes.

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