Do performance wicking t-shirts cost more than regular t-shirts?

Performance wicking t-shirts do cost considerably more than regular t-shirts as you might have guessed. Due to the higher synthetic fabric cost and all of the added technical benefits, they can sometimes cost twice as much as a standard t-shirt. Their features include being lighter weight, antimicrobial, water resistant, and generally having a better, more comfortable feel to them.

Don't let the high cost deter you though. Performance wicking t-shirts are well worth the cost. They might just be the edge you are looking for as you are training for your next competition or competing in an event. In fact we commonly see people ordering these high quality items when they are competing in marathons or when they want to order something premium for their sports team.

As these cool new shirts catch on and grow in popularity we are also seeing some really interesting design styles. For example it is very common to see multi-colored wicking tees that have interesting stripe or band configuration. This helps further associate them with athletics where this style is already well-established on team jerseys.

In fact these t-shirts are getting so popular that we wouldn’t be surprised to see someone ordering them even for a non-athletic event. For instance they make a great, high quality, comfortable choice for people who merely live in hot climates and who want to stay cool. As we said above it is also easy to appreciate them for their style and uniqueness alone. The good news is that at You Design It you are welcome to do a mixed order of some performance wicking tees and some standard t-shirts. This is a great way to try them out by ordering just a couple in your regular order. Then you can be the judge of whether or not they deserve all the hype they are getting!

We are also hoping that as they become more established in the t-shirt industry that the price may go down. After all as demand increases so too does supply typically, and of course higher supply means a lower cost. In the meantime we will do our part by trying to offer these premium shirts at the lowest price possible.

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