Do individualized names and/or numbers cost more on custom t-shirts?

Yes, doing an order like this actually does cost more because of the increased level of customization needed to print personalized names and numbers on t-shirts. When each shirts gets different names and numbers, the whole print job slows down because only one shirt can be printed at a time. Each print time takes longer because of the added preparation and set-up.

Whether the names and numbers are screen printed or heat sealed using a heat press, it will inevitably add to the cost of the shirt. This added cost ranges from $3-6 depending on the artwork, location and sizing. There are also lots of different options that you can choose from and this will also impact the price. For instance you can get only names or only numbers, or both. You can also get them printed front and back or just on one side. You might want to do the name and number small on the front left chest and then big on the back. All of these possibilities are options that we are happy to offer.

We love to help our our customers in whatever way they need including doing custom names and number; however, not all printers share the same affection for individualized names and numbers because of the added work that this level of customization creates. There is also a higher probability of an error occurring in an order like this and many screen printers want to avoid that liability. For instance it is easy to accidentally print the name and number on the wrong size shirt. Rest assured though that not only do we offer this service we carefully check the order to make sure that everything is accurate and correct.

If you are doing an order like this that calls for custom names and numbers then we urge you to order as far in advance as possible of when you need the shirts by. As always we are happy and willing to offer rush options to our customers, but as described above doing custom names and numbers increases the production time significantly. That means that in some circumstances it would be possible to get a regular order to you in a very rushed time frame, but not possible to rush an order with the custom names and number. However, a lot depends on the circumstances at the time of the order so we definitely encourage you to call us directly and discuss the turnaround with us if you do need a rush delivery.

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