Can you do digital printing on a t-shirt made of a 50/50 blend?

We have not seen good results for digital printing on 50/50 blends or other fabric blends that aren’t 100% cotton. The ink tends to run a little bit and possibly bleed in some cases. This is right after the print but before the heat press. We have managed to successfully put the t-shirt on the heat press and cure it to the point where there isn’t any running of the ink after washing the shirts. However attempting to do so is still a risky proposition and a margin for error.

This small chance of inaccuracy and lower quantity is the reason that we do not offer any 50/50 blends for digital printing. Along very similar lines we are not able to do digital printing on performance style tees or moisture wicking tees. These types of shirts are usually composed of 100% polyester and as you may have guessed they are even more problematic to attempt digital printing on.

In addition to hurdles involving printing on 50/50 blend t-shirts it also stands to reason that we are not able to print on other 50/50 blend items. For example you may have noticed that we do not have nearly as wide a selection of outerwear and other items available for digital printing even though many of these items are available for screen printing. Again this is because these items are often a 50/50 blend and even if they are not their texture and consistency often still presents a problem.

Until the technology and inks improve, we will continue to only offer 100% cotton products for digital printing. Regular t-shirts tend to yield the best results and lighter product colors work better than darker product colors. On the flip side darker inks work better than lighter inks. What it all boils down to is maximizing the ability of the ink to ‘cover’ the product and to be absorbed into the product. It may seem as though there are many restrictions on digital printing; however we want only the best results for our customers and following these guidelines will yield them.

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