Why am I not able to use digital printing for more than six t-shirts?

The reason digital t-shirt printing is not available for quantities over six shirts is because digital printing is no longer cost effective when it is at quantities of six or more pieces. Digital, or direct to garment printing as it is sometimes known, is perfect for one to five shirts because it provides a cost effective way to order just a few pieces. However, since digital printing is a flat rate the pricing for larger orders, typically around six or more pieces, makes it less cost effective than doing screen printing.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that the overall quality is not as good with digital printing as it would be with screen printing. You will be glad to know that when placing orders of six shirts or more, it is almost always more cost-effective to use the higher quality method of decoration known as screen printing. Thus this is the better option both in terms of price and quality.

The reason for these differences in pricing is because with screen printing the quantity plays a large role in the pricing since it is much more cost effective per shirt to produce larger quantities at once than it is to do smaller quantities. This means that the flat rate for digital printing is an advantage at lower quantities when screen printing would be very expensive, but this flat rate is a drawback at higher quantities when screen printing's price would start to drop.

Another thing which commonly occurs with orders of six or more pieces is that people often want to add their own custom logo or artwork to the shirt. This is not a problem at all with screen printing and we welcome the artwork. However, with digital printing we are unable to accept outside artwork.

One final consideration is that there are fewer options with digital printing. For example digital printing only works on lighter colored shirts with darker ink colors. It also isn’t designed to work on all types of materials such as 50/50 blend shirts, and thicker items like hoodies. None of these obstacles exist for screen printing, thus it makes more sense to do screen printing on larger order and to benefit by the increased options and flexibility. So remember, when it comes to ordering larger order of six or more pieces screen printing, not digital, is usually the best choice!

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