Can you screen print on wicking or performance t-shirts?

Absolutely! In fact one of the most common reasons why people order custom printed t-shirts is for their sports team or athletic event and of course wicking tees or other performance-wear are very popular choices for these occasions. There are many reasons why a custom printed t-shirt is a good choice for a sports team, for example they make perfect uniform pieces and they are also very comfortable and functional to wear. In addition that that they also provide a great way to show solidarity and support for the team. The simplest reason of course is that as a wicking or performance t-shirt they help keep the wearer dry and sweat-free.

A wicking tee is a great choice for sports teams and other athletic events because it is designed specifically for the purposes you will be using it for. Compared to a traditional t-shirts, a wicking tee is much better able to keep you cool and dry when it matters the most. Often times though people worry that since a wicking tee or other performance shirt is made out of slightly different materials, or since the shirt itself will have to endure so much during use, that screen printing won't work as well as it might on a regular t-shirt for more relaxed use. However, that is simply not the case. Wicking tees and other performance shirts are great for screen printing. The screen printing looks just as sharp and is just as permanent as it would be on a regular t-shirt.

Screen printing is definitely the preferred customization technique for wicking tees or performance shirts because it is such a good quality and because it looks so professional. No one wants to spend good money on an expensive wicking or performance shirt only to have a lousy design on it that will wash out or peel after a few uses. This is definitely not a concern with screen printing. Doing screen printing on your wicking or performance tee should get you years of fun and use out of it, all the while keeping you dry and comfortable while you are out on the field!

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