Can you screen print on the pocket of a t-shirt?

Yes, screen printing directly onto the pocket of a t-shirt is something that we regularly do and depending on the type of design that you are doing it can come out looking really great. There are a few things to keep in mind when doing this type of printing though.

The first thing to be aware of is that we are not able to print over any seams with screen printing, and that includes the seams where a pocket is sown onto the shirt. That means that the design must stay completely on the pocket or avoid it entirely. Given that it would have to remain completely confined to the pocket if that is what is chosen the other important factor to consider is that the pocket is fairly small and there is only about a three inch by three inch area to work with. If your design is simple and meant to be fairly small then that can work out great. It also comes out looking really good if instead of doing a graphic you only have a few words text that you want to add.

What you'll want to avoid with small pocket prints is getting a highly detailed design. That is because of course if the design is shrunk down too much then a lot of those details start to disappear or blur together. You'll also want to keep in mind the size constraint if you have a great deal of text you want to have on the shirt, otherwise it won't really be visible unless it is viewed from very close and again their could be loss of details or blurriness.

If you do have a complicated design or simply a design that requires quite a few words of text then it would probably be best to do the design above or below the pocket instead where there is more room, or even to change the design into a full size chest or back print. Regarding the pricing, a pocket print design will be priced the same way as a front or back design. In general the fewer colors and locations that you get printed the lower the cost per shirt.

With all that said we're very happy to do printing on the pocket of a t-shirt for you and as long as you know what to expect and choose your design accordingly then you should be very pleased with the results. Pocket prints are very popular and the right kind of design will look really great printed on the pocket!

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