Can you screen print on hats?

Screen printing can be done on most hats but isn’t considered the most optimal form of embellishment for hats. One of the main reasons for this is the difficulty in printing over the center seam on the front and back of the hats. This seam can bump the screens and cause the printing to not be uniform across the group of hats being printed.

This means that designs that cross the seam may end up lower on some hats, higher on others, or more or less even on some. Unfortunately there wouldn't really be a way to predict this or try to influence the results either. It would be most random depending on how the hats and screens are impacted by the bumping of the screens against the seams. Another problem apart from the way the screen would make the design line up is that there will very often just be a general loss of quality and sharpness to the design when printing over the seams is attempted.

One other big reason that most hats are not screen printed is because most screen printers don’t have the special equipment needed to screen print hats. For those that do have the equipment to screen print on hats, it is typically reserved for foam trucker hats. Foam trucker hats do much better with screen printing because they do not have the center seam that most other hats have. The foam material also does a great job of absorbing the ink and looking sharp and well printed.

For hats other than foam truckers, we recommend embroidery as the customization method. Embroidery is preferable because of its high quality and ease of use. It is very durable and professional looking and hats with embroidered designs look great. Many people expect embroidery to be too high cost, but its can actually be very cost-effective. Another benefit to embroidery pricing is that it is based on the size of the design and the number of locations being embroidered. The number of colors in the design doesn't impact the price at all. This makes it ideal for small designs with several colors which is actually something very commonly desired on hats.

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