Can you screen print on foam trucker hats?

Yes, in fact screen printing is the preferred method of customization on foam trucker hats. The foam trucker hat is a hat which consists of five panels with no seam going down the front as is common in many other types of hats. Since there is no seam to get in the way the soft and aerated foam located on the front panel of the hat is a perfect canvas for all designs and this makes it a perfect candidate for screen printing rather than embroidery which is the most common customization process for most hats.

The foam trucker is increasing in popularity as more and more people discover what a really cool alternative it is to traditional hat styles. In fact people young and old alike tend to appreciate the unique style that is the foam trucker. With so much appeal going for it, it is no wonder that so many people think foam truckers are the perfect hat for their company, organization, or event. The good news is that these people are right! The foam trucker is a great choice for custom hats and you are also welcome to send us your own company logo or other artwork.

Some people are often concerned about the fact that it is not possible to do embroidery on a foam trucker hat they needn't worry. While it is true that foam truckers are not at all appropriate for embroidery - the soft foam simply isn't able to take stitches without being destroyed - that doesn't mean that the foam trucker hat can't be customized for your event or organization. That's because screen printing works so well on the foam trucker. The ink looks great on the foam of the hat and since the foam trucker is already a fairly different looking hat to begin with further making it unique with screen printing rather than embroidery works great with the style. In fact a lot of people also simply prefer the way the screen printing looks and for this reason alone decide to opt for the foam trucker hat.

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