Can you screen print off of the t-shirts?

With the rise in popularity of designs in this style, this is a question that we have been getting more and more often recently. Typically when customers inquire about this type of printing what they have in mind is called a "full bleed" design. A full bleed design is one in which the design is basically only cut off because the t-shirt itself ends. We do not typically recommend printing on t-shirts with a full bleed, or in other words, an off the t-shirt design.

These designs are growing in popularity as more and more retail sellers begin offering designs like this. Thus it is only natural that customers will want to start experimenting with their own full bleed designs. However while it is possible to print off the shirt, it makes for a varied result on each shirt. This style of printing will only be done if the customer fully understands that the result will be irregular and possibly different for each shirt. Thus part of the design that should ideally remain on the t-shirt may end up getting cut off or distorted. As you can imagine this is often a very unwanted side effect.

This style of printing can also prove to be very messy when dealing with the hanging parts of the t-shirts that weren’t meant to get ink on them. This potential overflow of ink makes it very hard to ensure quality control over the rest of the t-shirt as it is being transferred from the print platen to the conveyor belt for drying. Thus unwanted ink spots may occur.

If you have a design like this in mind please review it with us so that we can let you know if it looks like it will be possible and so that we can go over everything with you. We typically recommend doing designs that are confined to the t-shirt and do not "cut off" while being printed. These types of designs tend to produce much more consistent, higher quality results. However, we are happy to take a look at your design and evaluate these types of designs on a case by case basis.

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