Can you screen print from the front to the back of a t-shirt?

No, it is not possible to screen print from the front to the back of a t-shirt. When shirts are screen printed they are placed on a flat surface where only one side of the shirt is printable thus making it impossible to print on both sides simultaneously. This makes it impossible to print continuous designs that go all the way around the shirt.

If you have seen t-shirts that have been custom printed from the front to the back, as well as most all over style prints, then this is a good indication that this t-shirt was more than likely printed overseas. The way this is typically done is that unlike most screen printing which prints the designs on already made, blank t-shirts, the design is instead printed on one big piece of cloth and then that fabric with the printed design is cut and sewn into a t-shirt. This can create some really cool looking designs and it can definitely come out looking great, but beware...getting custom cut and sewn t-shirts made overseas usually requires minimum quantities in the thousands and often requires very long production time.

Unfortunately it isn't realistic to get this same process done domestically because the majority of t-shirts are printed overseas and even the ones that are made in the United States are typically made by companies that work independently from the screen printing industry in a highly automated way that doesn't work well for this type of approach.

However, while the design cannot be printed from the front of the shirt to the back, we can still do a side print for you. This simply requires positioning the shirt so that the side, rather than the front or back, is the surface being printed on. Of course this still doesn't allow for designs that are completely continuous, but it does allow for a unique third printing area. Depending on the shirt itself, the design, and the build of the person wearing it, that part of the design may even partially wrap around from front to back. One thing to keep in mind though is that doing a side print will introduce a new printing location so it would be priced like a new printing location and will affect the price accordingly. Nevertheless it can still be a great option for people who want to get a uniquely placed design!

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