Can you get Nike polo’s custom embroidered?

Of course you can! Nike polos are readily available for custom embroidery. Nike is a highly recognized brand with a logo that is easy to identify. The brand is well known for their silky soft polos which are of the highest of quality. In fact Nike is one of the most respected and popular manufacturers in the business; their name is almost synonymous with great quality.

With all that said, then of course it stands to reason that when it comes time for people to select a polo shirt on which to add their own custom designs Nike is one of the most popular choices. Some people are surprised that Nike is even an option, however, because they may think that Nike is only available in stores with blank apparel. However, Nike also has a strong presence in the custom embroidered market as well. To avoid any conflicts of interest though Nike does only allow their polos to be sold through us with a custom designed logo added to them. That means that while you cannot order blank Nike polos through You Design It you can definitely purchase a great, custom designed Nike polo.

The preferred customization process for adding a personalized logo to the Nike polos is by far embroidery. The embroidery process consists of stitching actual threads directly into the shirt to create the design. With embroidery, customers can now put their own designs and logos on polos while still keeping the original manufacturer look. This merges the best of two worlds and results in a sensational end product. Many businesses, golf teams, and pro shops make use of the embroidery procedure to have all their custom polos decorated.

It is necessary to remember that the Nike polos will come with the trademark Nike Swoosh on them. This is important to keep in mind when figuring out how you want your design to look and where you want it to go. Nike is a terrific brand though and most people find that having the trademark logo present on their polos only increases the value and credibility of the shirt.

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