Can you get Izod polo’s custom embroidered?

Yes, it is possible to order Izod polos and have custom embroidery added. Izod is a well known brand that has been around for many years, and they are known for their comfort and durability. These are really great looking, high quality shirts that are sure crowd pleasers. Adding your own custom design to them is a definite win-win!

Customization of the Izod polo is made easy through the process of embroidery, which uses needles and thread to stitch your chosen design directly onto the fabric of the shirt. There are millions of designs that can be manufactured with an embroidery machine, and it is known for its professional look and durable reputation. That creates a terrific double combination of a great, durable shirt with a great, durable design.

Izod polos do typically come with their own brand logo embroidered on them and it is impossible to order the Izod polo without the Izod logo, so that is definitely something to keep in mind. However, for most people this doesn't present a problem at all. Most people are happy to have the Izod logo on their polo as well as their own logo and of course as long as you weren't planning to put your design exactly where the Izod logo is it doesn't create a problem at all. In many cases it even enhances the appearance of the shirt.

Remember you can upload your own artwork to us for embroidery on the polo or if you prefer you can design something online in our design studio. We have a wide range of clipart for you to choose from as well as many great fonts. These custom polos make great company uniforms or just high quality items to order with family and friends.

If anything getting your custom embroidered design done on an Izod polo will cause it to receive even more compliments and positive feedback than usual as people are impressed with both the great shirt and the terrific custom logo. Some people who don't know any better may even wonder how you got Izod to do your own design for you. Let them know the truth so that they too can get their own terrific custom design Izod polos!

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