Can you embroider on the strap of a hat?

The short answer is no. However, you may have seen hats with a design embroidered on the strap before and are now what gives? Embroidery on the strap is best done before the hat is cut and sewn and the fabric is still flat. This is done overseas where the hats are made and the minimums are usually no less than 576 pieces.

This is why you see hats at retail stores with embroidery on the strap and in many other obscure locations. When trying to embroider on the strap of a hat domestically after the hat is already sewn, there are issues with the hooping phase of the embroidery process. It is not possible to have a uniform design or legible text across a quantity of hats. This is also why doing custom embroidery on the bill of the hat is not an option.

Some people might wonder why they can't get this type of design created domestically on domestically made hats. Unfortunately finding domestically made hats is very difficult if not impossible. Another thing to keep in mind is that the companies that do the embroidery do not manufacture the hats themselves. This would be impossible due to logistics and it also simply isn't the business that the embroiderers are in and while it might be a great service it simply isn't feasible.

The good news though is that embroidery done on the standard areas of the hat will come out looking great! The embroidery technology is constantly evolving and improving and a custom embroidered hat, even if a strap or bill embroidered design isn't possible, will still come out looking really great and well customized. Here at You Design It we also offer a low six piece minimum on embroidery which is below the usual industry standard of twelve pieces. It is our hope that this will enable even more people to order their own great custom embroidered hats!

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