Can you embroider on performance wicking fabrics?

Embroidery is very much possible on performance wicking fabrics; however it isn’t often done. The reason for this is because embroidery requires backing behind the stitches to keep it attached to the t-shirt. That might not seem like a problem; however, many customers find hat this backing can be unsightly and uncomfortable on something like a wicking tee.

With most performance wicking fabrics the t-shirt itself is very thin and lightweight. This is of course logical because they are designed to be comfortable and to keep the wearer from sweating. The problem arises because the backing for the embroidery can tend to show a bulge of its shape and usually the shape is a non-uniform bubble around the embroidered design. As you can imagine this bulge is not the best looking thing to have on your shirt, and it is even more visible and readily apparent on a thin type of shirt like the wicking tees. All in all this look isn’t typically as good and as unobtrusive as a nice screen printed design. Screen printing is the standard customization process on shirts like wicking tees.

The backing of the embroidered design could also be considered uncomfortable on the lightweight fabric. For instance if you were wearing a performance wicking t-shirt for its more technical reasons, namely keeping you dry and comfortable during your athletic pursuits, then you probably wouldn’t want to compete and have that embroidery backing irritating your skin the entire time. In these types of cases most people find that a screen printed design not only looks better on this type of shirt but is also more comfortable and functional.

Ultimately of course we are happy to oblige our customers no matter what they want as long as it is something that we are capable of doing. We can absolutely embroider on a performance wicking t-shirt so if that is what you want, and you are aware of the possible comfort and style issues, then we are more than happy to do it for you. After all it really isn’t any of business what you do with the shirt once you get it and your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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