Can we get black t-shirts with no minimums?

This is a question that we receive quite often from customers. After all black is one of the most popular shirt colors and we know that most people are surprised when they select a product for digital printing and cannot find a basic black t-shirt listed as one of the color options. Often there is even an assumption that this might be some kind of oversight on our part. However, unfortunately that is not the case because the shirts would need to be printed with the digital printing process. At this stage of digital printing technology, we do not offer dark colored t-shirts for orders with less than six pieces.

The reason that black shirts, and darker shirts in general, are not available for orders with no minimums is because digital printing’s inks are not strong enough to vibrantly print light ink colors on dark colored t-shirts. The print color ends up being a different color than what is intended because the lighter ink changes and becomes distorted against the darker background of the t-shirt color. They also tend to look faded and worn out.

Until the strength of the inks becomes more vibrant and the digital printing technology improves, we won’t be offering dark colored t-shirts for less than six pieces per order. The reason that we can do them at order quantities of more than six pieces is that orders for more than six pieces would be printed using the screen printing method. With screen printing there is no limitation whatsoever in terms of ink color or shirt color; any ink color can be printed on any shirt color and come out looking great. The quality is also generally much higher with screen printing.

In the meantime, we will continue to test the digital printing technology each time the process has improved or new inks become available. There is no doubt the option for dark colored t-shirts will be possible in the future; it just isn’t there yet. We will gladly offer darker color shirts, including black shirts, for digital printing as soon as the quality is where it should be.

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