What is the black box/frame on the product in the design studio?

The black box on the products in the design studio is the boundary that we are able to print within. Typically the reason for the boundaries is due to the limitations of the printing presses not being able to print over the seams or on a curve. The products have to be set-up for screen printing by being laid flat on the platens and thus the front and back of the shirts are the best for this purpose. However, with that said we can also do small, isolated designs on the sleeves. It is also not uncommon, and not a problem, for customers to get a design done that is situated on the side of the t-shirt.

For the boundaries on the hats, there are limited areas that can be hooped for the embroidery machines. When they are hooped the fabric needs to be flat for optimal stitching. With the combination of the size of the hoop and the small area to hoop, the area for embroidery on the front of hat maxes out at 2.25” high by 4” in width.

Another question that we occasionally receive is regarding the black box itself. Some people are concerned that it will appear on their actual finished product. That is of course not the case at all. The black box is merely there as a guideline to show you where the design needs to go. There will definitely be no black box printed or embroidered on your actual product. Unless of course you decide to add a different black box to your design, but the box showing the print and embroider boundaries will not be present.

As we said above we can do a small, isolated design on the pockets of the t-shirts as well. By the same token we can often embroider a small image on the sides of a hat. However, you will notice that these do not seem to be viable design areas within our design studio. That is because due to the limited area present and the challenges of customizing these areas we are not always able to do all designs. For that reason if you need a design added to one of these less common areas then please call us or email us so that we can determine if it is something that we are able to do and also so that we can give you an accurate price quote. Adding a design to these areas does increase the price. However, we are happy to perform this service for our customers whenever possible.

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