What is the best way to get sponsored t-shirts for an event?

The best way to get sponsored t-shirts for an event is by soliciting the local businesses around that event. They know that the t-shirts will be worn by potential customers within their area and thus making a donation for t-shirts is a logical idea for advertising. In return they should be allowed to put their logo on the t-shirts and sometimes even get the opportunity to market at the event as well. This makes sponsoring t-shirts a win-win situation for everyone involved.

It is very natural early on in the process to have the inclination to solicit the t-shirt printer for a donation. The hardest part about this as a screen printer is having to say no because we get this offer almost daily. Our refusal certainly isn't because we don't believe in the cause or the importance of having printed t-shirts for an event. If anything, we know the importance of the t-shirts more than most. The problem is that if we donated t-shirts each time we were asked, we would no longer be in business.

What we like to do to show our sincerity is offer a free feature for the print job. This could include one of the following - free artwork, free shipping, a free rush whenever viable or even a discount on the whole job. We do this and do not expect anything in return such as logo placement or marketing at the event. We try to help where we can because we want to be your t-shirt printer.

In the meantime we do recommend soliciting other local businesses and companies to help. One of the most common things that we see is for a business that is somehow connected to one of the players to end up sponsoring. For example if the team or organization is for school age players or club members it is very common for the parent or other relative of one of the kids to sponsor the group and also advertise their business. Along similar lines if the team or organization is composed of adults very often a small business owner will sponsor the group, or someone will be able to convince the company they work for to sponsor them.

Another strategy is to look for multiple smaller sponsors rather than one bigger one. It stands to reason that a company or business might be more willing to make a smaller donation to help out rather than being able to sponsor the whole thing by themselves. Whatever route you choose to take we definitely wish you the best with your event!

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