When we upload a design, why do you do the artwork after the order is placed?

We do the artwork and prove after an order is placed for a couple of different reasons. The most important one is to benefit you simply because nine times out of 10 we will do the artwork for free after an order is placed. This way we both have skin in the game and are both committed to creating the best possible t-shirt print for your uploaded design.

Another main reason why we do artwork after the order is placed is so that the order does not get slowed down causing the turnaround to be too long. Once an order is placed, we will order the blank products to come to us and get started on the artwork while they are in transit. This is the most efficient way to maximize our time and not waste a single minute waiting or taking too long on unnecessary steps.

If you are concerned about how your artwork will look printed on a T-shirt, then please feel free to talk to us about it. We would not take an order if we did not feel 100% sure about taking the design and printing it to your satisfaction. You have to remember that we see designs and prints them all day every day. We would not take the job if we didn't feel like it was something we could do.

Taking an uploaded design and preparing it for both the proof and four print can be a very time-consuming and labor-intensive job. This ties up resources that can be very expensive. It is not uncommon in our industry for screen printers to charge upwards of $75 per hour for graphic design. That even includes converting an uploaded design to a screen printable format.

If you still need to see a proof before you feel confident enough to place the order, just ask us for a quote and we can provide you with a price to do the job. This price may be worth it to you for the peace of mind before you place an order.

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