Are pocket t-shirts more expensive?

The simple answer is definitely, yes, pocket tees are more expensive than regular t-shirts. Of course that isn't to say that every pocket tee is more expensive than every regular t-shirt. There are definitely affordable pocket tees out there and if you compare them to more premium, expensive regular t-shirts then you might find that they are less expensive. However, when compared directly with a comparable tee, pocket tees are always going to come out costing more.

While not every regular t-shirt has an equivalent pocket tee, most shirts that are available with a pocket also have a non-pocketed counterpart, and usually they will cost slightly less. There are several reasons for this. First of all there is simply more material involved in making a pocket tee. Another reason is the fact that since it is an extra step, even if it is automated it still takes a little bit longer and is a little bit more work. Another big reason though is simply that pocket tees aren't quite as popular as their pocketless counterparts. That means that they are typically manufactured in much smaller quantities and of course mass producing something in high quantities is typically more economical.

All these factors do add up to pocket tees being more expensive than non-pocket tees. However, we're definitely not trying to dissuade you from buying pocket tees. There are many reasons why people might choose a pocket tee over a regular tee. Very often the pocket is simply required as part of the uniform for whatever organization or event the t-shirts are being purchased for. Another reason of course is that it's very handy to have a pocket! That extra pocket can be a great place to put small objects. Finally, a lot of people simply prefer the way a pocket tee looks and they're right, pocket tees are great looking shirts! Also, even though pocket tees are more expensive they usually aren't a great deal more expensive.

So, if you're considering buying a pocket tee instead of a regular tee, then as long as it falls without your budget, go for it! Pocket tees are great and it's definitely worth it to have the type of t-shirt you most want.

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