Are ladies clothes smaller in size when compared to the men’s version?

Yes, they are. The clothing in our ladieswear section is designed to be more complimenting for a woman. Whereas the unisex t-shirts tend to have a more "boxy" cut to them that is appropriate for a range of different builds and body types, the ladieswear shirts are designed specifically to flatter a woman.

The main differences are that the shirts themselves tend to be a little bit shorter and the sleeves aren't typically as long. This of course reflects a woman's smaller build compared to a man's as well as the typical style preferences. It's important to also note that while these ladieswear shirts are designed for women and do feature the before mentioned differences, unless otherwise stated they still won't be extremely form fitting or tight. In the case of a ladies' t-shirt for example it will still fit loosely like a t-shirt, it will just have a more feminine cut to it. If you do need a more form fitting shirt then please let us know so that we can check what options are available for you.

When deciding whether or not to order ladieswear clothing or regular unisex clothing the main factor of course tends to be the target demographic. However, the ladieswear also on average tends to be a little bit more expensive than regular unisex clothing so often the cost and the available budget will also play a role in the decision. Many times if people are ordering shirts for an event in which the recipients are largely unknown people who will show up and participate unisex clothing is chosen since it is more flexible and can accommodate the most number of people. On the other hand if the shirts are being purchased specifically for a ladies' event then often the choice will be for ladieswear instead. The good news is that as long as the design is printed the same on both items we're happy to get you a mixture of ladieswear and unisex clothing.

Ladies' clothing is commonly customized through the processes of screen printing and embroidery. Screen printing is great for t-shirts and tank tops, while on the other hand embroidery is first-class for polo’s and button ups.

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