Are iron-ons high quality?

Iron-on t-shirt printing is not usually known for its quality, but rather for its ease and ability to produce single custom items at a low price. This method uses ink transfer paper that, when heated by an iron or press, will transfer the design onto fabric. Many people would consider the quality poor in comparison to other popular t-shirt printing methods such as screen printing or digital printing.

Here at You Design It we do digital printing for all of our orders of five or fewer pieces. Digital printing prints the ink directly into the shirt and in many ways is similar to an ink jet printer, but of course using shirts instead of paper as the printing surface. Having the ink printed directly into the shirt offers some advantages with regards to quality and also makes the texture more breathable than with iron on prints. However, in both cases using lighter shirt colors with darker inks produces the best results.

For orders of six or more pieces we would use the screen printing process to print the shirts. Screen printing offers several advantages over iron on printing. One of the most notable differences is in the quality. Screen printing looks more professional and higher quality. It also lasts much longer than iron on printing. Screen printing also offers more options than iron printing since screen printing allows any colored ink to be printed on any colored shirt. In addition to these benefits, screen printing also offers a more flexible, breathable print than the iron on. That results in a more comfortable wearing experience.

Many people enjoy doing iron on printing on their t-shirts because it allows them to do it themselves at home in any quantity they would like whenever they feel like it. A lot of people also find it to be an enjoyable hobby. These are great benefits and we can see why some people would enjoy the flexibility and independence that this causes. However, we would do all of our orders using the more professional digital printing for five or fewer pieces or screen printing for six or more pieces.

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