Are hats good protectors from the sun?

Yes, hats do provide great protection from the sun. A hat is classified as a head covering that is worn for protection against elements such as rain, wind, and the sun. Hats can be worn for fashion, necessity, or safety, and in history hats were used to indicate social status.

Although some hats, such as sun hats, protective your head, face, neck and shoulders from the sun, some hats may only protect your head and face. Baseball caps are a very popular type of hat that is sometimes worn to shield the eyes from the sun. Baseball caps are excellent for this purpose but they may not be excellent for someone wanting their shoulders protected from the sun.

Protection from the harmful effects of the sun is important to most people these days. To help keep people safe, some modern protective clothing is specially designed for UV protection. UV protection is achieved by fabrics that are thought to block out harmful UV rays and by a weave structure of dense thread count. Even the dye used on thread, especially the darker colors, have UV blocking components. Some hats and clothing fabrics today have also been treated with special UV blocking ingredients during the manufacturing process that add to the level of UV protection. This added protection brings some peace of mind to many worriers of the harmful effects of UV rays.

Certain types of fabric offer more UV protection from the sun than others. The heavier types of fabric, such as cotton, are the best protectors from Ultraviolet rays. The weave of the fabric is the most important consideration when determining UV protection. The color, weight and stretch are also important considerations when deciding how protective your hat or clothing will be. Fabrics that are a heavy weight blend of natural fibers or ones that contain full percentages of natural fibers offer the best protection. A few good examples of fibers for UV protective hats and clothing are cotton, linen and hemp. Synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon and lycra are also good examples of protective materials. Also, natural or synthetic denim, twill and canvas provide a great deal of protection from the harmful UV rays. One disadvantage of these heavy and dark fabrics, especially on a hot sunny day, is that they retain a lot of heat. So, stay cool, stay hydrated, and put a hat on!

There are various hat styles available today that will protect more than just your head from the sun. Some hats are constructed to keep people’s faces, necks, and even sometimes shoulders protected, while traditional baseball style hats may only protect the head and face.

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