Am I able to bring my own t-shirts in to be printed on?

Unfortunately that is not something that we are able to work with here at You Design It. There are several reasons for this. The main reason is that in the unfortunate event that a mistake is made our company would need to be able to replace the t-shirts. This is often a lot more difficult, if not impossible, with t-shirts that you bring in yourself. Instead it works much better if we are able to order the blank t-shirts and get replacement shirts from our vendors as needed if any mistakes or other problems occur.

Another big factor is simply the logistics of it. You Design It is an Internet based company without any physical, walk in locations. That means that the t-shirts would have to be shipped to us and that can add extra time to production, as well as shipping costs, and again allows for more potential liabilities problems, such as the package being lost while in transit.

A third factor which plays a major role in our decision not to accept outside t-shirts for printing is that all of our pricing is all inclusive. The pricing system is setup such that we provide the printing as well as the shirts. Thus, it throws the pricing system off to use outside shirts.

Many customers feel that they are able to get better prices if they bring in their own t-shirts; however, this is most often not the case. That is because much of any potential savings will be lost by shipping costs, apart from which most often we are able to buy the blank t-shirts for less than customers are since we have access to wholesale suppliers and often get discounted bulk rates. All in all we are better set up to buy blank t-shirts than the average customer.

However, the good news is that we work with a lot of different t-shirt vendors and manufacturers and we are very often able to get particular types of t-shirts for you, even if they aren't initially offered online as one of our options. Just let us know what shirt you had in mind and we will be happy to check into getting it for you and get you the best price possible for your order.

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