Why is allover printing for t-shirts so hard to do?

Allover printing is extremely hard to do because it requires special printing equipment that is rare and in most cases costs over $100,000 to purchase. They are very few screen printers in the United States that can afford the initial cost, plus the heavy maintenance of such an expensive machine. Not only that, but it is also a very large machine that takes up a lot of valuable floor space, and most shops have difficulty accommodating such a big, bulky piece of equipment. It is also impractical to try to use the machine on smaller print job and lower quantity runs.

In addition to the hurdles to overcome in buying and maintaining the machine, finding a suitably sized market of buyers who want all over screen printing is also pretty tough. That is because all over printing is generally considered a trend that comes and goes throughout the years. Thus, it might go out of favor again in a few years and leave the screen printer stuck with a useless, expensive liability. It is true, however, that all over prints have experienced a resurgence in popularity of late, especially for print styles that do a big pattern, or martial arts type of design on the t-shirts.

Beyond just the printing machine, all over printing requires a larger format film printer and special oversized equipment to burn the screens. This additional special equipment further adds to the overall investment required for the machine. Unfortunately the end result is that purchasing allover screen printing equipment is a very risky investment and most screen printers aren’t able and willing to do it.

The good news though is that oversize equipment is much more common. In fact here at You Design It we can do an oversize print that is much larger than a regular, standard size print. The main restriction is that we are not able to print over seams, since that is primarily what the all over printing equipment is required for. When attempting to print over the seams it is very easy for the design to become blurred or distorted and for this reason we try to stay away from prints that attempt this. However, if you want a big design that comes close but doesn’t quite touch the seams in many cases we can happily accommodate your request.

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